A warm welcome awaits you on the Island of Hoy, the second largest island in the Orkney archipelago with a population of approximately only 400 residents.

Due to COVID 19 we are so sorry that we can offer no tours in 2020. Please do make enquiries for 2021.

Island Tours of Hoy are available daily or join our scheduled tour every Thursday throughout the year.

Hoy is both remote and unique, and is very different indeed from the Orkney Mainland and other isles. The vertical cliffs are the highest in the British Isles, there are vast swathes of wilderness, an abundance of wildlife with a history stretching from the Neolithic era to modern day. You will visit sites which only a resident of this beautiful island would know of and are easily missed by the casual visitor.

Hoy is only a 30 minute ferry journey over the majestic Scapa Flow with all its amazing views, and all tours start and end at the ferry terminals. Mainland ferry terminals are served with connecting bus links and free carparks, and we will be happy to offer advice on all travel arrangements from wherever your start point may be.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our wonderful island with you. Your day with us belongs to you.