A personable online shopping experience for inspirational, unique, bespoke products for home, lifestyle, accessories & self-care inspired by life in Orkney. Born & developed during lockdown we offer affordable & collaborative pieces that are made by small businesses in Orkney & UK.

“Orkney - where the sky meets the sea and comforts you in its breath so your well-being feels safe – this is why I am ‘Inspired By Orkney’ “ - Jo

Hi there, I’m Jo, welcome to ‘Inspired By Orkney’. Let me tell you about my new venture which began its life during Lockdown Spring/Summer 2020…

I am happy to say Orkney has been my island home for 19 years and cannot imagine being anywhere else.

Orkney has 5oo plus miles of coastline and is a haven for wildlife, flora and fauna all set against a magnificent ancient backdrop, where we can enjoy long summer nights, amazing starry black nights and huge skies that embrace you by day.

Being a Folk singer, Orkney has been a huge inspiration to me in my life & music. With its thriving arts, music and culture scene, 2 breweries, 2 whisky distilleries and 3 gin distillers, all enveloped in a warm, friendly community. Why would you want to be anywhere else?!

2020 has been a rare and poignant time where the world took a breath and paused. I have had time to reflect on and re-evaluate my life. Like everything in life, it had its negative and positive moments but being a creative soul, I soon embraced my Orkney sanctuary and all the joys it shared with me. I felt a deeper connection with the landscape, the community, my home and garden, and the self-care it offers. More of a ‘hygge like’ way of living.

I began sorting, tidying and organising, like most but always merchandising. I am a retailer of many years having worked for some well-known brands in the South and latterly within the tourism sector in Orkney and the West Coast of Scotland. I am passionate about what I do and enjoy sharing this with like-minded folk.

I am grateful to a few close friends who have encouraged me from my initial idea which evolved out of various chats about products and how I put things together. So, the creative process was ignited. I explored how I could use these skills and my artistic flair, to create something bespoke and unique, in a way that was appealing to folk in Orkney and afar in this new life we are living.

I am fortunate to know many talented artisans in Orkney and beyond and some I am delighted to call my friends. Together we have brought you some bespoke products in a coastal colour palette across Ceramics, Bath & Body, Homeware, Jewellery, Knitwear, Paintings.

I love small businesses and it is vital that we support them. I have hand-picked some unique producers to work with that fit my concept of Homeware, Self-Care, Accessories, Lifestyle and more.

I am also developing some bespoke ethical and practical products using my own photographs to bring a piece of the ‘outside in’ for you to enjoy in your home.

This online space is just the beginning and it will keep evolving in tune with what inspires me about my island home. I hope you enjoy looking through my eyes and that you find some inspiration in these products.

From my home to yours, be kind, keep safe and inspired.