Hand crafted, distinctive, traditionally made jewellery

Heilagr comes from the Old Norse meaning sacred and blessed. A nice sentiment when thinking about jewellery.

Having lived in Orkney since he was born Darrin has worked in the jewellery trade for over 20 years. He has worked with top quality craftsmen and women in this time, absorbing all the advice and tips, blending them into his own style and techniques. Inspired by the natural beauty of Orkney, the ever changing sea and sky, the history all around us and the dramatic landscape, this helps create unique ranges of jewellery.

His passion is using traditional hand crafted techniques. All his jewellery is cut out and shaped by hand, soldered together to produce a stunning piece of jewellery using age old techniques.

When finishing a piece of jewellery every care is made to ensure every piece is polished and finished to the same high standard.

Stop past and view our range of jewellery with a view into the workshop where all our jewellery is created.