Celia Clark @ Hagi Hus Gallery

The Gallery

Welcome to the Hagi Hus Gallery. The gallery opened summer 2012 showcasing work by Orkney artist Celia Clark (nee MacInnes). Hagi (hagee) is an old Orkney word meaning 'pasture ' and Hus (hoose) is the old Orkney spelling for 'house ' (the locals still use this old pronunciation). The gallery is situated in an old dairy shed at the farm where Celia lives, hence the name.

The Artist

Originally from Orkney, Celia returned to live and work here several years ago inspired to resume her career as an artist in these beautiful islands. Her images begin as a photograph which she then digitally reworks until the colour, tone, texture, and layout compliment and balance one and other. She continues to experiement with what can be an unpredicatable but exciting and flexible process. Work is available on canvas,prints and cards for every occasion. There is something for everyone!

Gift Vouchers are also available - a unique present for someone special.

'Stunning images '

'Fascinating '

'Amazing depth and colour '

'Feel Amazing '

'Words can 't do justice '

'Unusual and intriguing '