Welcome to the Gloup and Mull Head reserve in Deerness, Orkney

The Gloup

A dramatic collapsed sea-cave separated from the sea by a land bridge about 80 yards wide, It is approximately 40 yards long and 80 feet deep. Gloup comes from the Old Norse "gluppa" -a chasm- the local name for a blow hole. The Gloup is a 200 yard walk from the car park (complete with interpretation centre and toilets) though it is unfenced and great care is required. It is possible to navigate and enter the Gloup in a small boat from the sea. Details of boat hire are available at the tourist offices.

Mull Head Nature Reserve

An area of over 200 acres of coastal grassland, heath and sea cliff providing opportunity for walking, bird-watching and nature study. A comprehensive path network stretches from the Covenanters Memorial on the North coast to the Gloup on the west coast; circular walks of between 4 and 8 km are signposted from the Gloup Car Park. Features of interest on the reserve include the archaeological remains of a Norse settlement and church on the Brough of Deerness and sea cliffs, home to many seabirds.