Take a piece of Orkney back home with you.

Originally from Italy, I trained with established painters in Italy, France and the UK. My paintings hang in private collections worldwide, and I have been exhibiting at various venues, including the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, the Pier Arts Centre and the Loft Gallery in Orkney.

Since moving to Orkney from London, I paint almost exclusively the Orkney landscape, finding it an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The best way I have to explain my creative process is that the images, moods and feelings from my observation of the natural landscape somehow find their way down to the painting they were meant for. Sometimes it is almost an upside-down process, where I discover what a painting is going to be by applying and scraping back layer after layer of paint. My palettes stem from nature but are not limited by it. The colours have a way of calling to each other almost beyond my will. At the moment I am inclined to let this happen and go with the flow and am constantly excited by the subtleties and possibilities of the Orkney weather.

I paint mainly in mixed media or oils, and I can sometimes include natural materials like dried grasses, found wool tufts or sand from local beaches. The process of layering paint and materials, scraping them back to reveal forgotten textures and colours is time-consuming but endlessly rewarding, echoing the creation and erosion of the natural landscape.

My work can be viewed and purchased on my Instagram page - contact me directly there through DM, or via email.