Although farming has always been the mainstay of life here in Orkney, our coastal communities have also relied on the sea for food and income for hundreds of years.

The parish of Birsay on the west coast of the Orkney mainland has a strong affinity with the sea. Along the coast from Marwick Bay you'll find Sand Geo, a stunning sheltered spot with a shallow bay. Perched up high above are three old stone huts, built to house boats and equipment, and to provide shelter to generations of Birsay fishermen.

The huts have small, shaped windows, and driftwood beams at the doorways. There are nearby nousts for hauling boats up during the winter months and other pieces of equipment salvaged from the wreck of a ship along the coast.

They're a fascinating reminder of Orkney's connection with the coast and the sea, with the Atlantic stretching out in front of you. The huts are more than 100 years old and were restored in 1984. The walk to them is beautiful, with huge slabs of rock sloping down to the sea and Marwick Head rising menacingly to the north.

You can also continue south and follow Orkney's coastal trail for more stunning sea views.