A beautiful beach tucked away on the east coast of South Ronaldsay.

Orkney has plenty of stunning stretches of sand, and many can be found mere metres from the main roads. It's always worth taking the path less travelled though, and finding your own oasis in a quiet part of these islands. Eastside in South Ronaldsay fits the bill perfectly.

It's not the biggest beach in Orkney, but it's found in a special setting, with the sand in the shadow of St Peter's Kirk, and views down the east coast of South Ronaldsay. Elsewhere in the vicinity you'll find the remains of an old windmill, proving that Orkney's renewable energy ambitions are not just a recent development.

There's more history to be found as well. An ancient Pictish symbol stone was uncovered during renovation works at the Kirk, and there's a huge, four-metre-high standing stone, thought to be around 5000-years-old nearby as well. It has been joined by a more recent addition, the hand-carved Millennium Stone, put in place to celebrate the Millennium by a local craftsman.

Eastside is one of those places that's worth visiting time and again, especially as the changing seasons bring different light and weather, with the coast here a spectacular sight during easterly winds. There are also plenty of walks to enjoy in the area too.