We go further for the taste

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland is a leading Scottish salmon aquaculture company.

We are the only producer of organic Scottish salmon, which comes exclusively from Orkney, and can be found in stores such as Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

We also produce conventional and Label Rouge salmon for export around the world, mainly to the EU and north America.

Our farm-raised salmon are reared in excellent conditions in the clean, clear waters of Orkney. Our sites are carefully selected for their growing conditions, and have strong tidal flows passing through them which ensures our fish get plenty of healthy exercise and that the water in the pen is constantly refreshed.

We employ more than 120 people in Orkney on our seawater sites, and at our packing station in Kirkwall.

The enthusiasm, experience and knowledge of our staff, plus their commmitment to caring for our livestock, contribute substantially to the quality of our products and reliability of our supply.

As a family-owned company, we invest in local groups and organsations to help develop strong communities on the Orkney islands.