This beautiful old building sits nestled in the moorland just outside the village of Dounby in Orkney's West Mainland.

A small sign and car park marks the spot to stop before a short walk takes you to the site itself.

The Click Mill is one of the best surviving structures of its kind. It's an old water mill, inspired by Norse influences in Orkney. Built by a local farmer in the early 1800s, it's the last of its type to be found in Orkney and is a fascinating place to visit.

The building has been fully restored and, after admiring the setting, the stunning stonework and the traditional turf roof, make sure you open the old wooden door and stoop down to step inside. You'll see all the original equipment, including the paddle wheel, grind stones, the cowling, hopper and meal bin. It's a real snapshot of times gone by in Orkney, and provides a glimpse into the life of Orcadian farmers from yesteryear.

Mills like these were once common across the north and west of Scotland. Now they're harder to find, which makes a visit to this quiet but lovely site even more worthwhile.

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