Celina Rupp’s passion for jewellery is inspired by the coasts, landscapes, history and heritage of Orkney, the place she calls home.

Inspired by Orkney's stunning scenery, the rolling hills and lochs, long sweeping beaches open skies and crashing waves. Celina hand crafts and designs all of her unique jewellery designs herself from her small workshop on Orkney.

Celina Rupp Jewellery & Artwork is designed, created and handcrafted in Orkney. From her workshop in Holm, Celina creates her collections of Jewellery and Original Artwork inspired by Orkney's beautiful landscape and heritage. We are focused on providing a high quality service and customer satisfaction.

Celina has lived in Orkney for the majority of her life and now lives in the Parish of Holm with her family. Celina has gained much of her experience from working within the jewellery trade, learning the fine skills required for her hand crafted pieces. It is the breathtaking landscape of the Orkney Islands, which gives her the inspiration for her unique collections.

Her inspiration comes mainly from the beautiful and stunning scenery which surrounds her. Amongst other things, Celina is heavily inspired by the dramatic seas around Orkney, for which the island is renowned. Sailing boats and in particular the traditional Orkney Yole also play a large part in Celina’s designs. The beautiful Italian Chapel, built during the second world war by the Italian prisoner’s, has been a fascination for Celina and has now been incorporated into one of her key pieces.

Celina’s collection aims to inspire you, as much as she is inspired by Orkney and its Celtic backdrop.

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