One of Orkney's finest coastal walks leads you to this seldom-visited delight.

PLEASE NOTE: due to a landslip in the area, the Brough of Deerness itself is currently inaccessible. Work to clear the path is being planned. The Mull Head circular walking route is unaffected and open as normal. Last updated 6/9/23.

The Brough of Deerness is one of the best places to spend a sunny day in Orkney. The gentle walking route in the East Mainland begins at The Gloup and winds its way along the craggy coastline, offering beautiful views out over the North Sea, the island of Copinsay and the chance to spot passing cetaceans.

You'll eventually come to the Brough itself, a rocky outcrop almost completely detached from the mainland. The geology here is fascinating and hard to get your head around, but it makes sense once you clamber down the steps to the base of the Brough. You'll see a beautiful rocky bay on one side and a lovely calming geo on the other.

If you have a head for heights then continue over the rock-cut steps and up onto the Brough, using the rope chained into the rock for support. You'll be able to visit the small 11th century Norse chapel on top and see the remains of other buildings dating back as far as 600BC.

The Brough is perfect for taking a second to soak up the scenery and watch seabirds swooping around you. Do remember to take care when walking in the area - the cliffs are steep and the coastline is fragile - and be careful at the Brough itself as the paths can be slippery.