Viking Feast on the Beach and other time travel adventures. Try the Viking life, cook and eat Viking food over open fire, learn Viking crafts and skills, enjoy Viking games, dance and song, listen to the Viking stories that have been passed down from the old Earldom of Orkney. A great day out for all the family!

Join Orkney Time Travel for a Viking Feast on the Beach at the fabulous sandy beach of Scapa just outside of Kirkwall. Living history guided tour with historical food, storytelling and activities around the campfire.

There will be a warm meal. Together, we cook over open fire and eat the Viking way. And drink from a drinking horn, naturally. You will also get the opportunity to bake your own Viking bread and make your own butter to go with it.

When arriving at Scapa you will be met by a Viking expert and storyteller, and an outdoor cook and craftsman, both in costume, who together give insight into everyday life in Viking Orkney. Around the campfire you will enjoy storytelling, play a Viking game, and learn Viking skills such as cooking, rune writing and rope braiding or weaving techniques.

Practical information

Fridays 7-9 pm, see Eventbrite for dates (link below).

We meet at the car park by the beach toilets at Scapa.

Booking is essential to allow us to bring the right amount of food. Please book at least 24 hours in advance. The earlier you book, the easier you make it for us – thank you!

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