Try the Viking life, cook and eat Viking food over open fire, learn Viking crafts and skills, enjoy Viking games, dance and song, listen to the Viking stories that have been passed down from the old Earldom of Orkney. A great day out for all the family!

Not accepting any further bookings for 2020. Please get in touch with enquiries for 2021.

The full day Viking Hiking tour:

The day starts by taking a small passenger ferry from Stromness across to the island of Hoy. From Moaness pier we walk though the roadless valley between the famous Hills of Hoy, said in local folklore to have been dropped there by a giant when the strap broke on his two straw baskets carrying soil for his garden. On the way, we have time to enjoy the fresh air and the stunning, unspoiled Orkney landscape until we reach the secluded valley of Rackwick.
2018 dates: 4 July, 18 July, 3rd August, 15 August, 29 August

Starts: 9.30 am Stromness Pier for 10 am ferry

Lasts: 7 hours

Walk length: c. 7 km / 4.5 miles (return by minibus)

The half day Viking Hiking tour:

The half day option starts from the centre of Orkney’s Viking capital Kirkwall. During the walk to Scapa beach, you will hear about why the Vikings chose to settle in Kirkwall and what they did there.

Our walk traces the route that the Vikings took when using the natural harbours at either side of a narrow isthmus: The great Scapa Flow to the south and the sheltered Peedie Sea to the north.

When arriving at Scapa we are met my our outdoor cook and ropemaker Mark, who joins Ragnhild in giving some insight into everyday life in Viking Orkney. Around the campfire we enjoy storytelling, play a Viking game, and learn Viking skills such as cooking and tablet weaving.
2018 dates: 28 June, 25 July, 9 August

Starts: 9.30 am & 2 pm from Kirkwall Travel Centre

Lasts: 3 hours

Walk length: c. 6 km / 3.6 miles (there and back)