Looking forward to welcoming you to browse our shop, take the tour, taste our beer and enjoy a lunch or coffee and cakes!

Re-opening from these difficult circumstances mean a few little things will be different at Orkney Brewery but please be assured of a warm welcome. Please wear face covering on arrival and we will take care of the track and trace. Santisers are all over the place so use them as necessary!

The Orkney Brewery is based in the former schoolhouse for Quoyloo, one mile from Skara Brae, in the heart of Neolithic Orkney.

The unrushed culture with its traditional values influences the way we make our beer. We give undivided attention to each stage of the brewing process to ensure that our beer reaches you in perfect condition.

Owned and run by Orcadian, Norman Sinclair, Orkney Brewery is Orkney's oldest brewery and offers such iconic brands as Orkney Dark Island, Northern Light and the world famous Skull Splitter - named after Orkney's notorious 7th Earl and its viking heritage.

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