BOX'D! restaurant quality food in a box.

I was inspired by how businesses and restaurants across the world adapted during the pandemic, and this is where the concept of BOX'D! came from. I wanted families to be able to enjoy cooking together, whilst enjoying a restaurant quality meal at home.

Our kits contain everything you need for a meal, including the instructions. From pizza kits, to Indian cuisine. Overtime, as things have opened up and we adapt back to 'normality', we have been able to provide a more personal service.

Personal chef services

Wether its a small dinner party, or larger event, BOX'D! have you covered. We can cater to each event and provide a more personalised service. I can bring the 'fine dining' service to your table, an Indian or Chinese cuisine, Mexican feast or something slightly more traditional.

We specialise in pizza parties, cooking neapolitan style pizzas in our Ooni ovens in less than 1 minute. This brings a less formal atmosphere and have proven popular for hen partys and work nights out!

Orkney Marshmallows

Orkney Marshmallows developed alongside our BOX'D! kits. As a sweet alternative to our kits, they proved extremely popular.

Created in our family home, I am delighted to finally be able to put the final product on to the shelves. Marshmallows are a growing trend in confectionery, and I wanted to be able to bring that to Orkney. Using my own recipe, our gourmet marshmallows are handmade and hand cut creating a unique sweet treat.

The packaging was carefully designed to incorporate a traditional Orkney theme, with a modern spin, which reflects our product. Anna McEwan Drawings put together the design of the Standing Stones especially for our logo.