Mixing her own interpretation of traditional knitwear patterns with more contemporary designs, Betty Laughton aims to produce carefully handcrafted work that appeals to as wide a range of customers as possible. The rich tones and textures of her native Orcadian landscape are the inspiration for much of her high quality knitwear, which includes cardigans, jerseys, scarves, stoles and hats. Betty loves to experiment with style, patterns and yarns, with wonderful colours always a feature of her practical and affordable work.

Kirkwall based Betty began knitting commercially back in 1991 and she’s been much in demand since. Still a one-woman operation, she now sells her knitwear to a number of outlets in the islands and retails directly to passengers visiting Orkney during the islands’ busy cruise liner season. Her work is also available in the Orkney Craft Association shop in Kirkwall.