Only discovered in September 2010 this six chambered tomb offers a unique opportunity to experience the reality of a Neolithic burial site

Quarried out of solid bedrock it allows visitors the opportunity to see the remains of our ancestors in their final resting place as they would have been 5000 years ago!

From March to April 2011, approximately 2000 human bones were excavated from one of the chambers. These remains included those of adults, children and babies alike all interred together. Within the layers of human remains were also found layers of otter spraint, posing many questions about the otters use of the tomb. More recent excavations of the entrance and passageway in March 2012 revealed another 1000 human bones as well as further layers of otter spraint and even more exciting, the discovery of a new chamber previously unknown, chamber six. Recent carbon dating shows the very last bones to be deposited in the passageway in 3021 BC. The tomb is scheduled with Historic Scotland.

There is a visitors centre with photographs of the excavations. A guide will show you inside the tomb as well as explain about the discovery. The tomb sits in the car park of Skerries Bistro and is located close to the visitors centre.

Please contact the Tomb owners directly to enquire about opening times.