Established in 2000, Aquatera specialises in environmental and operational support for marine, coastal and land based activities, providing a comprehensive range of environmental advice, services and products. Situated in Orkney, off the north coast of Scotland, award winning Aquatera has successfully completed over 500 commercial projects in over 30 countries throughout the world.

Acting Locally and Delivering Globally

The company delivers support to local, UK and worldwide markets, whilst our island location gives us a unique perspective on local and community issues, which has proven invaluable wherever we work. Our national portfolio of experience around Scotland and the UK, including a number of country wide projects, provides a strategic level perspective to complement our local roots. The company currently works with a team of around 40 staff and associates. We also have a dedicated group of delivery partners that we regularly collaborate with.

This support has been applied to all stages of the development planning process and many different commercial and other activities. The scale of projects undertaken varies considerably from household levels and individual technology investors, to leading major global development and infrastructure projects and multinational energy companies. We have a particularly strong track record in the renewables and oil and gas energy sectors.

Our work has taken us into many different types of environment, from deserts to upland bogs, from maritime heath to woodlands and from cultivated farmland to urban brownfield sites. We also have experience of a wide range of technologies, management strategies and stakeholder engagement approaches. The breadth of this experience means that we are often able to act and advise based upon experience rather than just theory, a further key factor in Aquatera’s success in supporting its clients.

Our flexibility enables us to deliver a wide range of quality services targeting each individual client’s needs. This has been a key factor in the enduring relationships that we establish with many of our clients.

In simple terms our success is founded upon our clients ' success.

Sectors we work in:

Marine sectors

Onshore sectors

  • Wave and tidal energy
  • Offshore wind
  • Oil and gas
  • Cables and pipelines
  • Fishing and aquaculture
  • Shipping
  • Ports and dredging
  • Heritage management
  • Wind energy
  • Other renewables
  • Grid infrastructure
  • Minerals extraction
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Community development
  • Tourism and recreation
  • Heritage management

Services we provide:

Marine services

Onshore services

  • Strategic assessment and planning
  • Environmental and technical surveys
  • Project assessment and licensing
  • Technology development and operations management
  • Strategic planning and community development
  • Wildlife, habitat and landscape surveys
  • Project assessment and planning
  • Works and site management

Types of clients we support:

  • International and national agencies
  • National and local governments
  • Regional development agencies
  • Multinational corporations
  • National/regional utility companies
  • Project development specialists
  • Technology development companies
  • Local communities and community groups
  • General public and facility operators

For further details on any of our services or products please visit our website, email or phone