Stylish, contemporary and highly distinctive jewellery.

Alison Moore’s approach to jewellery design is organic and refreshingly non-conformist.

She is led by the heart, rather than by market trends, with her inspiration coming from many different sources – childhood memories, walks on the beach, moods, emotions, and the textures, forms and colours of nature.

As a former geology student, Alison has a particular appreciation for the characteristics of different minerals, so it’s natural that gemstones – all ethically sourced - should feature so strongly in her work. She also enjoys experimenting with different silversmithing techniques to produce jewellery that’s tactile and engaging.

Whilst diverse and distinctive, all of her collections are connected by the themes of purity and practicality, reflecting a desire to create pieces that are simple, wearable and affordable.

As timeless as it is contemporary, Alison’s jewellery subtly reflects the character of its creator, while at once becoming part of your own life story.

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