Perched on the north west coast of the Orkney mainland, the beach at Evie boasts some of the most beautiful views you'll find in this part of the world.

The golden sand here overlooks the uninhabited island of Eynhallow and Rousay beyond. It can be a wild place when the wind is blowing, but during calmer weather you can paddle in the shallow water and watch seals in the sea just offshore.

It's a great place to spot ducks and other birdlife too. And, as with many parts of Orkney, there is a fascinating historical attraction nearby too. At the east end of the bay you'll find the Broch of Gurness, the incredible remains of an Iron Age settlement.

Parking and toilet facilities are available if you're visiting the area, and a walk on the beach here is just what you'll need after a day exploring ancient Orkney.