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Both Hatston (Kirkwall) and Lyness (Hoy) are now designated enterprise areas, ie, identified locations set up by the Scottish Government in order to stimulate manufacturing opportunities as well as investment and job creation. In support of the development of the marine renewables sector, a number of infrastructure developments have taken place at Hatston Pier, Lyness Pier, and at Coplands Dock in Stromness.

Details of purpose built units for the energy sector in the Hatston enterprise area can be found here.

Hatston Pier, Kirkwall

Hatston Pier's expansion provides additional berthing and working areas for the marine renewables industry where deployment of devices requires heavy lifting equipment and substantial support vessels. The extension provides a total of 385m of quay edge with 10m draft at all tides.

The shoreside development provides:

  • a designated enterprise area of 10 hectares
  • an ideal service base for north of Orkney tidal energy sites
  • large areas of potential hard standing and warehousing
  • office facilities for developers and associated businesses
  • close proximity to service deployment areas
  • service industries close to developers within Hatston Industrial Estate, Kirkwall

Lyness Pier, Hoy

Lyness Pier has been refurbished as a centre for the assembly, storage and servicing of marine renewable energy devices. Lyness is ideally located to offer an excellent base for R&D and deployment activities for these. The pier has been refaced and fendered giving 265 m of safe and sheltered mooring, and 4,000sq m of hard standing has been laid to assist with assembly and maintenance of marine renewables devices.

Future plans are to provide steel framed buidings, secure compounds and office and communication facilities as the site and the industry develop.

Pier and shoreside development provides:

  • 260m of refurbished quay edge with up to 10m at LAT
  • an ideal location for device assembly, maintenance and storage for Pentland Firth and West of Orkney
  • designated enterprise areas of 7 hectares within 22 hectares of development land
  • national logistics and support company on site

A number of companies are already making use of the excellent new facilities, and with designated zoning approved for shoreside development there is ample room for expansion as the marine renewables industry develops.

Coplands Dock, Stromness

The existing piers in Stromness were sufficient to serve the needs of fishing boats, a lifeline ferry service, dive charter boats and a recreational marina. However, to best serve the marine renewables sector, a new pier was identified as an essential infrastructure requirement. After considerable work to identify the best location for this new facility, construction work on Copland's Dock began in Autumn 2012 and was completed in 2014.

The new development provides:

  • a 100m long pier with 6m draft at all tides
  • adjacent 10 hectares of potential development land for storage and supply chain support
  • ideal facilities for marine renewables support and fishing vessels
  • improved handling facilities for the fishing fleet with better shoreside access to processing plants
  • better access for heavy industry and road transport

Stromness is an important tourist destination with its historic and picturesque seafront. The inevitable heavy industry associated with marine renewables would not enhance the harbour front and the need to reduce this activity and its impact on the town centre was a major factor in locating the new pier.

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