Orkney Renewable Energy Forum

As the green energy story has continued to grow across these islands, so has the Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF).

Now in its third decade, OREF has become a central part of the development of the renewables industry here. Put simply, the organisation aims to promote the use of renewable energy in Orkney, to the benefit and sustainability of the community.

OREF is home to a wide range of members made up from businesses and individuals involved in Orkney’s renewables sector, representing their views and interests and even lobbying for the islands on issues affecting the development of the industry.

It was launched in 2000 just as Orkney’s renewable energy opportunities were really starting to expand. Over the years it has seen many changes, with devices and developers coming and going as research continues and new avenues are explored, but it has always maintained its collaborative approach.

The forum works closely with the local community, stakeholders and the world-leading academic and research organisations based in Orkney to make sure there is a collaborative approach. Regular meetings are held to discuss issues surrounding renewable energy development and to highlight new developments and interesting stories from the industry here and further afield.

Membership is open to any local group, business or organisation engaged in renewable energy activity in Orkney – from supply chain companies to device developers and test centres.

Visit the official OREF website to find out more.