Orkney Marshmallows was created by chef Gary in our family home in Rendall, Orkney. Marshmallows are a growing trend in confectionery, and we wanted to be able to bring that to Orkney.

Orkney Marshmallows
With marshmallows enjoying a real surge in popularity and being big fans ourselves, we were delighted to develop our recipe and launch them locally for all to enjoy. Using Gary's own recipe, our gourmet marshmallows are handmade and hand cut creating a unique sweet treat.

Starting with just a classic vanilla, our range has grown and we have loved collaborating with other local Orkney businesses to produce popular flavours such as Beyla (Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin) and, working with Orkney Ice Cream, our Toffee Swirl and Strawberry.

The packaging was carefully designed to incorporate a traditional Orkney theme, with a modern spin, which reflects our product. Anna McEwan Drawings put together the design of the Standing Stones especially for our logo.

You can find our marshmallows in many local shops, such as The Brig and Shearers, as well as on the mainland of Scotland. We're delighted to say you can now also order them online.