copla (web design)

copla (web design)

Shapinsay Manse, Shapinsay, KE17 2EA

Shapinsay Manse, Shapinsay, KE17 2EA

Web design, websites and custom bespoke software
Copla is a software company that builds custom software to help businesses do business. Most custom software involves an element of the internet, be it a website or a website portal.

We are a team of experts each with the most current skills in their area of expertise. We build websites for some of the most demanding brands, through to some of the most exciting small companies. If you need an simple website, or something a little more unusual, or maybe you just know that you want something that is different and exciting we are the people to talk to.

We have a diverse team of designers headed up by Liz. Our designers have a wealth of experience embracing many different sytles, from a straightforward accommodation website right the way through to a technically complex internal web portal. We design for the web and print, including leaflets, flyers, letter heads and business cards. We have relationships with several printing companies allowing us to use the printer who best suits the needs of the project.

While working on website projects we have come to understand the importance of good quality photography. Photos need to be relevant and specific to the project, simply looking through your family snaps is just not good enough to compete with the best websites.

We have experienced photographs who understand composition and the technical aspects of taking a good photo for use on the web. Things get more interesting when you take 360-degree panoramas, not only for outside locations, but also internal pictures for virtual tours and training.

Technology is an area where we have considerable expertise. We have a strong technical team lead by Colin. Our technical team understands web technologies, everything from a simple static website providing basic information to your customers right through to a more complex system with complex processes. This might be a booking system, or perhaps an online shop. We work with cutting edge internet technology including online video.

About copla
Copla is run by Colin and Liz, Colin looks after the technology and Liz runs our design team and business development.

Copla started providing software solutions in 2004 and since then has built many solutions for our customers, everything from software to manage school registration, IVR telephone systems, GPS and data communications.

One of our strongest areas of expertise is with video, having built systems for Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV. We have also built transcoding platforms for our customers as well as a full digital workflow system for News International.

We believe that a programmer is not a designer and a designer can not program. We ensure that we use our people’s strengths to give a fantastic product. We do not impose designs on our customers, we work together until we have a product our customer is happy with.

Take a look at our website to learn more, or give us a call on 01856 898 066, alternatively email