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This traditional event sees horses, ponies, carriages and their riders take to the streets of Kirkwall to carry a standard along the old boundary of the town.

The Riding of the Marches takes place on the second Sunday of August. It's quite a sight, watching the horses and riders emerge from Tankerness Lane onto Broad Street and gathering infront of St Magnus Cathedral. After a short speech, the standard is passed to the current year's bearer and the group sets off through the town towards the Pierhead.

Watching them pass through the streets of Kirkwall gives you a real sense of history, with the horseshoes and hooves clattering off the old flagstones.

One of the best vantage points later in the route is at Scapa beach, when the riders bring their charges together for a toast before they take to the waters of Scapa Flow, crashing through the surf on their way.