The North Ronaldsay Sheep Festival is an annual celebration of culture and conservation in Orkney's most northerly community.

First launched in 2016, the festival aims to attract volunteers from across the globe to help with the annual task of maintaining and rebuilding the stone sheep dyke that encircles the island.

It was erected in the 1800s using beach stones and keeps North Ronaldsay’s rare breed of ancient, seaweed-eating sheep on the island’s rocky foreshore, and separate from interior grassland. Maintenance of the coastal sheep dyke, which can get damaged by winter storms, is a continual challenge for islanders.

The festival sees visitors spend time taking part in a dyke-building programme, working alongside local residents, as well as enjoying everything the island has to offer, including tours of the lighthouse and wool mill, workshops, walks and - of course - the famous North Ronaldsay ceilidhs.

It's a special chance to learn new skills and meet new people, all set amongst the wild and beautiful scenery of this unique place.

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