Inspired by true stories of animal language experiments and performed by a real couple, Like Animals is a funny and poignant look at love and communication in human (and not-so-human) relationships.

Every night, Alex the parrot and Irene the scientist say to each other: 'I love you.' Peter the dolphin lives in a flooded house with Margaret, who is teaching him English. How much do Alex, Irene, Peter and Margaret understand of one another? And for that matter, how much do we really understand of each other in our own human relationships?

Directed by Herald Angel Award winner Ellie Dubois (No Show) and inspired by true accounts of research scientists working to communicate with animals, Like Animals weaves stories of human-animal communication around an exploration into the real-life relationship of performers Kim Donohoe and Pete Lannon, who tell these stories with only a paddling pool and a couple of wetsuits.

This performance is recommended for ages 14+ due to the adult themes and adult language within the show.

Price: £10