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Photography by Sue Mara and wool craft by Helen Galland

A joint art exhibition:

Sheep tales, and other woolly yarns - wool craft by Helen Galland:

Working in the North Ronaldsay wool mill, and owning some native sheep, I get to work with wool from fleece to fabric. I produce needle-felted 3D wall hangings, and also dye and weave the wool at home to make textiles that I incorporate into my wall art.

Wool is amazingly adaptable - it asks to be touched, and can be moulded and crafted in so many ways. I like to think my pieces retain a little bit of the charactor of the wise and wild sheep that the wool came from.

Fire and ice: a winter on North Ronaldsay - photography by Sue Mara:

Could I survive an Orkney winter, let alone a North Ronaldsay one? Moving from southern England to a tiny windswept isle in October, for six months, felt like jumping in at the deep end.

Keeping warm in a cottage heated solely by a coal stove was a satisfying challenge, rewarded by cosy nights by the flames as the wind howled a banshee round the eaves. My lullaby was the wild waves crashing on the rocks, yards from my pillow. One of the most exciting times was the two days of snow we had in January, a brief thin blanketing that transformed the landscape sound, texture, shape and colour into an unfamiliar world.

Every night, my pre-bedtime routine was to peek through the front door to check the lighthouse beam and its endless 10 second circlings. No matter how thick the cloud, how black or wild the night, there it swung, unfailingly - the comforting lantern of the night-watch.

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