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  • Waulkmill Bay, Orkney

Planning a visit to Orkney?

We've brought together all the information you need about potential travel to Orkney during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know many of you have missed Orkney during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve missed you too.

Our community is just starting to emerge from the lockdown period and, although travel restrictions are easing, life here isn’t quite back to normal. For now, capacity on our ferries and flights remains restricted which could mean you’re not able to travel when you’d really like to.

Read our latest update and take a look at our information pages below to help you understand the current situation in Orkney before beginning to plan a visit to the islands. We've included travel and health information as well as details of what's open, eating out options and much more. These pages will continue to be updated as more attractions and things to see and do are opened.

If you're planning a visit, search for accommodation in Orkney, or view our late availability pages. Newsletter

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