Rackwick Survey - week one Rackwick Survey - week one

Rackwick Survey - week one

Archaeologists in residence Dan Lee and Antonia Thomas share their experiences.

Rackwick is a special place. Situated on the west coast of Hoy, one of the westernmost islands in Orkney, it takes the full force of Atlantic gales and has a microclimate of warmth in the summer. Rackwick is rich in history and folklore; stories often relate to very specific places. For Orcadians it is a place of escape, inspiration, childhood memories and adventure; many camped there or went on Sunday picnics during childhood.  For the visitor it has become a ‘must see’ place on the Orkney tourist trail for the walk along the cliffs to the Old Man of Hoy, a huge 137m high sea stack. For the climber, it is a resting place after an ascent of the Old Man, staying in the bothy at Burnmouth.

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