How to use beremeal How to use beremeal

How to use beremeal

The Birsay Heritage Trust has just launched an application for Protected Food Name (PFN) status for Orkney beremeal which is produced at Barony Mill in Birsay, and with Burns Night upon us, it seems an opportune moment to share a recipe for a bere bannock. This one comes from the multi-award winning Creel Restaurant in St Margaret's Hope.

100g beremeal

100g plain white flour

1 tsp cream of tartar

2 tsps bicarbonate of soda

2 tbsps sour milk/beer/milk/yoghurt/buttermilk

Sieve the dry ingredients together.  Mix with the sour milk to make a very soft dough.

Turn out onto a beremeal coated board and divide the mixture into two.

Bake in a well-heated dry pan on top of the cooker for 5 minutes a side.  The rounds may then be divided into individual farls.

Enjoy - these are delicious with butter and better with cheese - and a great accompaniment to soup. 

There are many recipes:  The Birsay Heritage Trust has a slightly different one and recommends that you 'consume with copious amounts of ale'.  It's up to you!