the Bay of Creekland on the island of Hoy
the Bay of Creekland on the island of Hoy
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  • the Bay of Creekland on the island of Hoy
  • the pier in the Eday, one of Orkney's north isles
  • the famous Old Man of Hoy sea stack
  • wartime defences on the island of Flotta
  • playing at Hoy's spectacular Rackwick beach
  • the pier on the tiny island of Eglisay
  •  Rousay
  • Westray

The Orkney archipelago of around 70 islands is scattered across a pristine sea with 20 inhabited islands, each with its own distinct character.

Exploration by ferry or plane is a journey of adventure through history, natural beauty and culture while island folk are known for their warm welcome to visitors and new settlers.

The North Isles have close-knit communities and unique ways of life from farming the famous North Ronaldsay sheep to working towards energy self-sufficiency in Westray.

While in the South Isles, Flotta is known for its oil and Hoy for its wartime history, hillwalking and its Old Man rock stack.

Each has its own stories and from visiting you will gather many tales to tell.

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Sanday by name and sandy by nature, the largest island of Orkney’s North Isles is 16 miles long and has a population of around 550.  Sandy bays and dunes form part of the low-lying coast
Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre
Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre
Rousay has many major archaeological delights as the coast at Westness was an important power base from the Iron Age until the 19th century.  The coast from Midhowe Cairn and Broch to Westness
Isles photos from flickr
The Scar Plaque - Tankerness House Museum
Excavations at Skara Brae in 1930
Maes Howe drawn in 1862
The Stones of Stenness in 1906
Looking West From Houton Head
Interesting Eider Duck Ripples
An Eiderduck Enthusiastically Splashing
On top of the ward Hill of Hoy
The Ninja Worrier - @thedailysarah Embarrassingly, I thought that for years! I was also convinced that the Falkland Islands were somewhere near Orkney.
That Nathan Person - I wouldnt mind spending a weekend in the Orkney Islands or in Iceland. Different scenery is needed.
scott mcnaughton - @britishunity Orkney has a 12 mile limit like Channel islands. Oil is Scotland's. end of. Check maritime law not Daily Mail for facts
Kate Craigie - Completely want to go to the Orkney Islands now. @johnmurrays #Scotland
BBC Radio Orkney - A planning application for a salmon farm off Wyre is to be reconsidered by Orkney Islands Council despite being...
Alf - BBC News - Orkney Islands look to local controls ahead of referendum -If you have never been - GO! Wonderful place!!
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Orkney Islands look to local controls ahead of referendum
That is the dilemma facing some people who live in the Orkney islands, ahead of the referendum on whether Scotland becomes independent. With five months to go until the vote, some islanders are trying to bring issues such as fishing and renewable ...
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Scottish independence: Carmichael promises more power for isles
Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has promised to deliver greater powers for the Northern and Western Isles. The Orkney and Shetland MP said government from Edinburgh had been "just as bad and just as dangerous" for the islands "as it is from ...
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Scottish Affairs Committee - Orkney Islands Council, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar ...
Witnesses: Councillor Steven Heddle, Orkney Islands Council, Norman Macdonald, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, and Councillor Gary Robinson, Shetland Islands Council, gave evidence. Q5096 Chair: Gentlemen, can I welcome you to this meeting of the ...
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Postcode plea by residents fed up with Orkney confusion
Caithness and parts of Sutherland currently share the same postcode as Orkney. Residents on the mainland say it is proving a major disadvantage with some delivery companies assuming the KW postal address means they are resident in the Orkney Islands.
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