the Bay of Creekland on the island of Hoy
the Bay of Creekland on the island of Hoy
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  • the Bay of Creekland on the island of Hoy
  • the pier in the Eday, one of Orkney's north isles
  • the famous Old Man of Hoy sea stack
  • wartime defences on the island of Flotta
  • playing at Hoy's spectacular Rackwick beach
  • the pier on the tiny island of Eglisay
  •  Rousay
  • Westray

The Orkney archipelago of around 70 islands is scattered across a pristine sea with 20 inhabited islands, each with its own distinct character.

Exploration by ferry or plane is a journey of adventure through history, natural beauty and culture while island folk are known for their warm welcome to visitors and new settlers.

The North Isles have close-knit communities and unique ways of life from farming the famous North Ronaldsay sheep to working towards energy self-sufficiency in Westray.

While in the South Isles, Flotta is known for its oil and Hoy for its wartime history, hillwalking and its Old Man rock stack.

Each has its own stories and from visiting you will gather many tales to tell.

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Sanday by name and sandy by nature, the largest island of Orkney’s North Isles is 16 miles long and has a population of around 550.  Sandy bays and dunes form part of the low-lying coast
Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre
Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre
Rousay has many major archaeological delights as the coast at Westness was an important power base from the Iron Age until the 19th century.  The coast from Midhowe Cairn and Broch to Westness
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Orkney dig dispels caveman image of ancestors
Orkney's county archaeologist, Julie Gibson, who arrived in the islands more than 30 years ago to excavate a Viking cemetery, said: ?I've heard this place called the Egypt of the North. Turn over a rock around here and you're likely to find a new site.?.
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