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Get connected in Orkney

Most areas of Orkney, particularly the mainland, enjoy efficient internet provision and a new programme to bring superfast broadband to rural communities is currently being carried out.

A brand-new fibre optic broadband network is being built in Orkney at the moment as part of a £410m investment under the Digital Scotland scheme.

As of August 2017 more than 50 fibre cabinets have been installed across the islands, reaching around 8,500 premises. That equates to 75% of all premises in Orkney.

Funded by the Scottish Government, Broadband Delivery UK, HIE and private partners BT, the project aims to increase access to fibre based services from the 21%, which would have seen rollout commercially, to around 86% of premises in the Highlands and Islands by April 2018.

Find out if your area can access superfast broadband.

4G mobile internet is also now available in much of Kirkwall and some other areas of the islands. 3G and 2G services have also been upgraded.