a 60 tonne crane about to start work
a 60 tonne crane about to start work
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  • a 60 tonne crane about to start work
  • excavation work on Orkney
  • new housing developments in Kirkwall
  • housebuilding in Orkney
  • early construction stages on a new house build
  • a new housing development
  • construction work on a new housing development
  • new council housing at Peerie Sea Loan in Kirkwall
Orkney Construction Group

The Orkney Association of Scottish Building represents many of the county’s construction firms.  There are more than 16 members in Orkney who operate throughout the islands. Many are experts in specialist trade skills.  The federation’s benefits include advice on day-to-day operations and best practice, support services and representation.  All members are committed to health and safety, skills and integrity and the delivery of the highest standards, professionalism and performance.

Orkney Construction Training Group aims to meet the training needs of its members in the building industry in Orkney.  Training course topics include health and safety, apprenticeships and managements skills. This benefits Orkney firms as they are equipped with the skills they need to take on all kinds of projects, meaning the skills don't have to be brought in from outwith Orkney.  Training courses are held in Orkney after training needs are identified by the firms and employees.

Orkney College runs skills training courses for apprentices of the building trade, such as carpentry, joinery and bricklaying.  These lead to national qualifications.  There are also courses in traditional building skills as many old Orkney buildings are ideal for renovation. 

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