Orkney Science Festival Orkney Science Festival

Orkney Science Festival

Orkney International Science Festival has been a part of the calendar every September since 1991 and has something for everyone.

You don’t have to be into science to enjoy this festival which has Entertainment with a big E written large. There is a package of family-friendly activities, food and drink events and music as well as thought-provoking lectures on offer. Astronomy and time travel, archaeology and polar exploration, the science of everyday things and even a courtroom drama starring real pathologists have all been acted out. There have been experiments to keep the boffins happy and banquets, whisky tasting and ceilidhs to keep body and soul together. Science themes in art and literature have also been explored at past festivals.

The festival is truly international with guest speakers from around the world. Groundbreaking and fresh ideas have been debated and revealed at events, spellbinding audiences. Events are held throughout Orkney including the smaller islands. And schools get involved too with more than a thousand pupils benefitting.

The seven day festival is traditionally held at the beginning of September and puts Orkney firmly on the map after the school holidays. It’s well worth a visit after the summer rush is over. Prepare to be highly entertained.