Orkney Folk Festival Orkney Folk Festival

Orkney Folk Festival

Orkney Folk Festival is a firmly established date in Scotland’s folk festival calendar and has drawn visitors back to the isands many times since it started in 1982.

Involving a heady mix of international and UK artists and performances from fine local talent, the Orkney Folk Festival plays an important part in the musical and cultural life of Orkney.

Words just can't do it justice though - have a look at this short film, looking back at the 2014 Festival...

Held over four days at the end of May, the festival offers folk music in its broadest sense to please all tastes, from acoustic singing and traditional tunes, to concerts featuring contemporary bands and dance gigs. Ceilidhs in parish halls and community centres offer a taste of traditional island life with a concert, supper and dance. Centred on Stromness, where opening and farewell concerts are held, venues include the town hall, Stromness Academy, Stromness Hotel and the Pier Arts Centre. The town’s pubs host jam sessions which often spill out onto the street if the weather is fine. And walking down the town’s long street, you'll often hear music emanating from windows and gardens. An annual open stage event has spawned several successful music careers, with workshops in playing and song writing also hugely popular. Not just confined to Stromness, folk festival artists travel to perform in the isles, parishes and even in Kirkwall too. Another regular event at the festival is the visitors versus locals comedy football match, which is short on actual folk music, but high on laughs.